Like dad, I enjoy carving the clay too! In the greenware (unfired) vases to the left I have painted on black underglaze in the shapes of octopus and fish. After the underglaze dries I carve through the design revealing the brown clay body.  I will fire these pieces to cone 04 (about 1940 F) and then will apply a clear glaze and fire them again to cone 06 (about 1860 F)

In 1966 I was an 11 year old boy growing up in Long Beach, Ca.  My dad, Fred, decided to take a night class in ceramics at Long Beach State College.  One of my favorite pieces is this simple pencil holder he made for me.  The lettering is so typical of my dear old dad.  Though this clay body is clearly very groggy (has a lot of sand) he did his best to carve my name large,  consistent and clear.  His going off to class and bringing back such sweet treasures inspired me to take ceramics at Wilson High School and to become a studio art major at UCSB from which I graduated in 1978.  I carry on with this passion for clay to this day playing with the artful mud in my garage studio. 

Tecolote Ceramics
Hand Made with Love

Some work from the 70's that resides at my folks' home

Tecolote Ceramics is a family friendly environment. When creating memory makers we

Roll It, and Pat it and Mark it with a "B" (as in Baby foot & Baby hand) and put it in the oven for Baby Wyatt (3 months) his Mom and Dad and me! It takes a village to get those hand and foot prints. But Wyatt (and his Mom & Mary Kay) was up to the challenge!